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Being Black in Berlin Bars
In this video I will discuss my experience of being Black while in Berlin bars. When racially charged or offensive comments are thrown at you by the staff or patron of a bar, it makes you reconsider your choices when choosing which bars to visit in Berlin. Watch to hear my thoughts and subscribe to my channel to be alert of new uploads!
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Take a Risk and Bet on Yourself
In this video I discuss the risk it took to leave my old life behind and move to a completely new country for a new career path and the self discoveries I've made along the way.
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Dating Tips from a Berlin Expat
My long overdue follow up video is here! While I am no expert, many eligible single women I've spoken to all have the same feedback about dating in Berlin. While these are only general tips, there's still a lot more to discuss. Stay tuned to this channel for more post and feel free to comment below! https://www.blackcoffeeinthecity.wordpress.com
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Black Coffee in Berlin
Check out my new blog on blackcoffeeinthecity.wordpress.com. I talk about my experiences of navigating the European world as a black woman.
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