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Hakuouki「AMV」- Battlefield
~Hope you enjoy~
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Laito/Ayato AMV~ How do you love someone
Hearing this song made me think of their tragic past. I am more sad about Laito, but the both of them had a sad childhood. To bad that their past changed their present completely. ~Hope you enjoy~
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Subaru Sakamaki 「AMV」 - Your Heart
I don't really ship them (not big fan of Yui...what can i say? XD) but Subaru is one of my favorite vampires from both the anime and the games. Song: Damien Dawn - Your Heart ~Hope you enjoy~
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Diabolik Lovers AMV~For Your Entertainment
~Hope you enjoy~
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Laito Sakamaki ~Good girls go bad AMV
Everytime I hear this song I can't stop thinking about Laito. It suits him so much. My favorite character from Diabolik Lovers, and this is a tribute for him. ~Hope you enjoy~
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Naruto Shippuden (AMV)~ What I Believe
~Hope you enjoy~ ~What i believe by Skillet
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Mello/Near AMV ~ Be Somebody
I love Mello as much as I hate Near. I originally wanted this to be a Mello AMV, but this song goes so well with both of them together. Hopefully next time I will make an AMV just for Mello. ~Hope you enjoy~
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Tokyo Ghoul「AMV」- Heathens
~Hope you enjoy~
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Kuroko No Basket「AMV」- Rise
I simply adore all of them!!! (Takao is probably my favorite :D ) Well all except Haizaki , that is. ~Hope you enjoy~
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Yuri on Ice AMV~ All the right moves
I LOVE YURI PLISETSKY!!! Hehe....he reminds me so much of Mello from Death Note. In both looks and attitude. ~Hope you enjoy~
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MikaYuu AMV~Keep Holding On
I made this as a gift for my friend. She is obsessed with this ship. I do not ship them as much as she does but still they look cute together and this song was simply made for them :D ~Hope you enjoy~
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❈ Black Butler  - Joker 「AMV」- Shattered ❈
This poor cinnamon roll didn't deserve all the bad things that happened to him . Bless him. ~ Hope you enjoy ~
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Bungou Stray Dogs「AMV」Runnin
Damn I love Dazai so much XD Watch in HD please. Adam Lambert - Runnin ~Hope you enjoy~
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I recommend using headphones. My friend and I listened to this song a few days ago. She ,while listening it , imagined Izaya (well the voice really is similar XD) . I on the other hand imagined Laito. (idk why really...??) I hope you enjoy ^^ Artist of the song is Shoose.
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Hakuouki AMV~ Zombie
~Hope you enjoy~
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Kakegurui「AMV」- Miss Jackson
Hope you enjoy ^^ Song : Miss Jackson by Panic! At The Disco
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Death Note「AMV」Ameno
BEST ANIME EVER!!! As always I hope you enjoy
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Death Note | Carnivore
Watch in HD please. This amv was made....a few months ago.... But seeing as I didn't publish it on time, why not now? XD Light is one of my favorite characters in anime (If not my favorite) and today is his special day. .....so happy birthday you crazy bastard XD I hope you enjoy as much as I did while making this ^^ Song: Carnivore - Starset
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Diabolik Lovers • Calling All The Monsters 「AMV」
So this is an amv I made a while ago.....but somehow forgot to post it. ( not into DL that much anymore ^^; ) But still I hope you enjoy XD Song: Calling All The Monsters by China Anne McClain
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Don't kill , Don't die | Miyoshi
"To a spy, is to live alone in a foreign land, sending information back to your homeland without ever letting anyone know who you really are." Music : Haimin - Mistakes Anime : Joker game
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Diabolik Lovers AMV~Kakusei no Air
Song is from Dance with Devils op. I wish that this song was in the op for Diabolik Lovers :D ~Hope you enjoy~
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Attack on Titan 「AMV」 One Winged Bird
Katayoku no Tori by Shikata Akiko ~Hope you enjoy~
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Death Note • Let it Burn「AMV」
~Hope you enjoy~
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Hakuouki - Nee
Some of my favorite hakuouki CGs XD Nee- Fujita Maiko Hope you enjoy ^^
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Don't Let Me Down || AMV
Hope you enjoy ^^ Inspiration -https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9jR7htlrmej4Ob02fBxuJA Song - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s8XIgR5OGJc
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Well....some of my favorite ..ehh ships? I am not big fan of SebaCiel or LawLight, hmmm but the parts go well with the song so why not XD While ships like Friday x Watson or RinHaru are my all time favorite ^^ ( And Wei Wuxian x Lan Wangji ....still new to me, but i love them so much ) And Itachi for my nostalgic heart ^^; Anime : 1. Free 2. Death Note 3. Kuroshitsuji 4. The grandmaster of demonic cultivation 5. Zankyou no terror 6. Naruto Shippuden 7. Shisha no teikoku 8. Owari no Seraph 9. Hybrid Child 10. Bungou Stray Dogs 11. 91 Days Song : Skin by Rag'n'Bone Man As always I hope you enjoy ^^
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May I Hold You「AMV」
I am so sorry for being inactive for so long .... I am going to college soon , hence I don't have time to edit anymore. But hopefully I will come back in the summer ^^; And ....THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR MORE THAN 2K SUBS XD This amv was made for the Chibicon 2019. Amv contest and it was given a 2nd place in the end ... very proud of that ^^ As always I hope you enjoy !!!
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Jihyun Kim • Let Me Hear
Just finished his route yesterday......ahhhh the feels XD But I am glad that this angel got a second chance in happiness. He will always be my favorite character in Mystic Messenger ^^ Song: Let Me Hear by AmaLee https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pAAmkocOGwY
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The Empire of Corpses「AMV」- Let it Die
DAMN I SHIP THEM SO HARD XD !!!!!! ~Hope you enjoy~
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Black Butler | Dernière Danse
Such a great movie, worth the wait XD Watch in HD please. ~Hope you enjoy~
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Mo Dao Zu Shi || Everything I Need
Wei Wuxian x Lan Wangji \(◦'⌣'◦)/ Song : Everything I Need - Skylar Grey Hope you enjoy !!!
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Tokyo Ghoul「 AMV 」-  Sarcasm
~Hope you enjoy~
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THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR OVER 1.5K SUB XD !!!! As always I hope you enjoy ^^ Anime: Bungou Stray Dogs Song: Young and Menace by Fall out Boy
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Beauty and the Beast || AMV
Uhh never thought I would make an amv for Urie .....but here it is XD (Don't get me wrong, I love him...but I am kinda a Lindo lover more XD) Hope you enjoy ^^ Song:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ctz-k7NXq4s Anime : Dance with Devils
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Juuzou Suzuya 「AMV」-  Pretty Little Psycho
~Hope you enjoy~
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❅ Yuri on Ice ❅ Victor x Yuri AMV
Good Bye Bye by NU'EST ~Hope you enjoy~
Views: 515 Joker AMV

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