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Creepypasta's Fright Song
Song is Monster High Fright Song.Creepypasta family tribute.Also i dont anything and Enjoy!!!!!
Views: 10672 Myah Edwards
Jeff The Killer Cant Decide
The song is I can't decide by Scissors Sisters.Is a request but love it.Also I don't own anything.Plus there are two more of these so it's kinda a spam.Enjoy!
Views: 1979 Myah Edwards
Ouran Highschool Host Club Tribute - Bubblegum Bitch By Marina and The Dimonds
Ok so sorry it been so long you guys!! XD I've had a lot going on but I'm back now at least right! Anyway same sh-bit as usual, I don't own the pictures or the song, all credits goes to the owner and enjoy!
Views: 1134 Myah Edwards
Proxy Triplets Tribute
This is my first video so please be nice about it!Oh and most of my vid's are Creepypasta related like reading and such so enjoy to the fullest friends!!!Also the song is Pushover by Manafest and I don't own it or the pictures!!!
Views: 1879 Myah Edwards
Jeff Makes Good Girls Go Bad
Jeff The Killer Tribute.Song is Good Girls Go Bad by Cobra Starship.Also I don't own anything and Enjoy!!!
Views: 3098 Myah Edwards
Smexy Creepypastas
Creepypasta tribute.Song is Midnight Romeo by Push Play.I don't own anything and enjoy!
Views: 573 Myah Edwards
Creepypasta Ponies
I own nothing and all credit goes to the owners of the picture and the music.Also a shout out to Deviant Art's one and only ChiakiTasso for some of the gorgeous pictures in this video!
Views: 151 Myah Edwards
Homestuck Animation
(OK! So this isnt mine. I thought Id put this here before but aparently not. Anyway. This is my friend's. Her name here is SlendyFox321. Or something like that. XP Sorry Fox! I havent taken it down because I dont want it to get erassed or something. So go look her husbandip and enjoy her other videos please and thank you!!) Oh my GOD. I am so happy right now... Yeah, I know it's short, but I'm still getting better. Soon, I hope to find a way to get audio and stuff.
Views: 81 Myah Edwards
NaLu - Jumpstart/Nightcore
So this is a little different then I normally do but I just love these two soo much I couldn't help myself!!Anyway the only thing I own is the video it's self, not the pictures nor the music.Plus the song is Nightcore Jumpstart. Enjoy!
Views: 108 Myah Edwards
Welcome To My Family
I don't own the pictures or the music in the video.The song is Welcome To The Family Avenged Sevenfold.Enjoy!!
Views: 161 Myah Edwards
GaLe - Start A Fire/Ryan Star
Again a little different but I'm "broadening my horizon".Sorta speak.Anyway all I own is the video it's self,I do not own the song or any of the pictures and I have no shout outs this time either.ENJOY!!!
Views: 54 Myah Edwards
Creepypasta Romeos
For all our cp male needs ;).Anyway i own nothing in this video and enjoy!
Views: 29 Myah Edwards

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