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The most beautiful wedding cakes compilation. Inspiration galore wedding style from simple to elegant. You can't stop watching. NEW! 100 WEDDING CAKES COMPILATION / 2019 BRIDAL GUIDE / WEDDING CAKE LOOKBOOK ........................... My favorite bridal source for inspiration: www.bridalguide.com ........................... Connect with me! Contact me here - FBook:  Kendra Hiett Lock FBook Biz:  Urban Color Web: www.urbancolor.com Email: [email protected] Happy Wedding to All!
Succulent Tool Kit Review - 15 Piece Set - Indoor Gardening Tools - Giveaway Closed
Best succulent tool kit out there! Giveaway is over but make sure to subscribe as I continue to host more giveaways. Giveaway Reveal video here: https://youtu.be/MCUx2sMeRu4 .............................................................. Free Giveaway - once I hit 30 subscribers! This 15 piece succulent tool kit is really well made and functional. IMPORTANT! To be included in the giveaway please like, subscribe and comment below. Many viewers privitize their subscription so I need to know you were here so don't forget to comment right after you subscribe. This giveaway begins today July 18, 2018 and will end when I have 30 subs. I plan to give lots of goodies away so I hope that entices you to sub! Once I hit 30 - I will randomly choose a sub and announce it in a new video. The kit is really cool - I love it and you will too. Here's the link below to the tool kit on Amazon if you just want to purchase it right away. Well worth the money. 15 pieces for $12.99. Join me as I repot several of my succulent babies with my new succulent toolkit into new ceramic pots. The Lepo brand toolkit works great. I like it a lot. Here's the link: https://www.amazon.com/LepoHome-Pieces-Succulent-Transplanting-Gardening/dp/B072J8FV1P/ref=mp_s_a_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1531863862&sr=8-1-spons&pi=AC_SX236_SY340_FMwebp_QL65&keywords=succulent+tool+kit&psc=1 Also I was able to pick up some beautiful square ceramic pots (only $2 each) from the San Francisco Flower Mart. I love these pots because they're modern but they do not have drainage holes. That's okay I dropped in a few rocks at the bottom and that will serve as a drainage solution. You can find these amazing ceramic pots at Coast Wholesale Florist at the San Francisco Flower Mart. I have no website for them but here's their phone number: 415.728.7461 Both items I give thumbs up. Thanks so much for watching my video. Look for my new succulent art canvases at www.urbancolor.com
Succulent Propagation Methods and Stages / 3 Ways to propagate succulents / my backyard update
Three methods of propogation: 1. Leaf propagation, 2. Stem propagation, and 3. Plant propagation ............... subscribe like share comment. ............... connect with me FBook:  Kendra Hiett Lock FBook Biz:  Urban Color Web: www.urbancolor.com Email: [email protected]
Indoor Succulent Garden Tour - 2019 - How to Grow Happy & Healthy Succulents
Join me as I share what I've learned over the past year growing happy and healthy succulents. Winter Maintenance For Succulents here: https://youtu.be/hDlEBeeOhdo Outdoor Winter Garden Tour 2019 video can be found here: https://youtu.be/y21zcMFG5B8 Thanks for watching! Subscribe if you like my content.
Amazing last minute Valentine craft DIY's and tutorials can be found here https://youtu.be/JR8U9lSxFck New for 2019 - over 100 simple and sweet Valentine crafts using stuff you already have. The best craft ideas and projects for a perfect Valentine party. Perfect for moms and teachers. No need to even stop by the dollar store - many of these featured crafts can be done with items from around the house. Grab your glue gun, crayons, string, yarn, tissue and paints! Show me what you can do with just household items. Spend ZERO money on Valentine decor. I challenge you to do this! NEW! 100+ VALENTINE DIY CRAFT IDEAS | SIMPLE & SWEET CRAFT PROJECTS | EASY TO MAKE 2019 ................. Like Subscribe and Share ................. Connect with me here... FBook:  Kendra Hiett Lock FBook Biz:  Urban Color Web / Etsy: www.urbancolor.com Email: [email protected]
Succulent stem propagation, growing more succulents, maintaining healthy succulents
Successful stem propagation strategies and tips on avoiding stem rot. Grow robust healthy succulents from the start. Double or triple your succulent harvest. ......................... Appreciate it if you subscribe, comment and share. ....................... Connect with me FBook:  Kendra Hiett Lock FBook Biz:  Urban Color Web: www.urbancolor.com Email: [email protected]
How to Make Baby Succulents Grow Faster, Succulent Gardening, Succulent Propagation
My teeny tiny babies were stunted. I finally figured out what to do to make them grow fast. A must see video for all beginning succulent gardners. .................... $100 Cash Card Giveaway video to thank my subscribers. Finally hit 100! Watch this awesome Winter Maintenance for Succulents video to qualify for the drawing! https://youtu.be/hDlEBeeOhdo ..................... Subscribe Like Comment and Share! ...................... Connect with me FBook:  Kendra Hiett Lock FBook Biz:  Urban Color Web: www.urbancolor.com Email: [email protected] .......
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Bohemian room decor, new room in 3 hours, Decor on a budget, repurpose free Craigslist furniture
I quickly put this room together from scratch. I wanted to utilize a Moroccan style comforter with colors of yellow pink blue and green. There are some beautiful old pastels that I used. I purchased them from Alameda flea market for $25 each and they're now worth $400 each. So it pays to buy art. The artist I found out is Louise Marionetti. She's a graduate of Rhode Island School of Design. A couple of the furniture pieces were free from Craigslist. I spray-painted two of the pieces and they turned out beautifully. Well this project was really fun and it only took about two and a half to three hours. It was a lot of fun.
Succulent Winter Care - Plant Maintenance - How to Grow Healthy Succulents - Winter Maintenance
How to grow healthy succulents - Winter Maintenance. Watch this video for many different tips on cultivation, propagation, and general winter maintenance as you ready your succulents for the coming spring. The giveaway is over but please watch this vid. It truly is one of my most informative videos on succulents. Thanks for watching. Please share, comment and subscribe. Connect with me! W: www.urbancolor.com FB - Kendra Hiett Lock E:  [email protected]
Winter Garden Tour - Rustic California Succulent Garden - How to Grow Healthy Succulents
Tour my Winter Garden with me! Great ASMR. After one full year of learning about succulents I now have a full happy succulent garden on the back patio, in the front yard and also indoors. Definitely not fancy but beautiful and serene just the same. How to grow good succulents is now off my bucket list! ....................... Indoor Succulent Garden Tour 2019 https://youtu.be/sfHZJpAuGgI Thanks for watching! ......................
Succulents 101 - Instructional Video on Propagation - Cultivation & Care of Succulents
I'm a newbie at this but learning fast. In a few short months I've learned to propagate and harvest baby succulents from the mother plants. What a joy! Come along and learn with me. Would enjoy your feedback and comments. .................. Love it if you like share comment and subscriibe Connect with me: FBook:  Kendra Hiett Lock FBook Biz:  Urban Color Web: www.urbancolor.com Email: [email protected] Check my website out to see my new succulent paintings at www.urbancolor.com
Succulent Care and Maintenance - My Mini Succulent Farm Update
Become a Succulent Farmer is the next bucket list item. So here I am in my backyard tending to what I call my ""farm." As you will see - there's no farm but I like to think big! Just did my first succulent maintenance routine. What fun! Many of the larger sucs were growing up out of their pots - I followed the advice from several awesome YouTubers that focus on sucs. The larger sucs got pulled up and out of their pots - they seemed to get a bit leggy. Pulled the leaves for propagation and then re-potted them. I made a couple of simple arrangements. Overall - the sucs had become a bit overgrown and unruly and in a matter of a couple of hours I cleaned them up and harvested about 35 leaves to propogate. Wish me well and pray for rosettes! Not sure if I'm propagating correctly. Some say harden the leaves and let them dry out and a couple of other vids explained a way of misting them right away and covering them - put them out of sun for 3 weeks and rosettes will form. I have no clue - so I am doing it both ways! Will update you on which technique worked best! Thanks for watching! ......................... Like Share Subscribe and love it if you comment! ................... Connect with me FBook:  Kendra Hiett Lock FBook Biz:  Urban Color Web: www.urbancolor.com Email: [email protected]
Springtime Succulent Reveal - Hundreds of Baby Succulents / How to Stem & Leaf Propagation
Succulent success after winter maintenance! See hundreds of healthy new baby succulents growing from stem and leaf propagation. How to grow happy and healthy succulent babies; tips and ideas on successful succulent gardening; indoor succulent garden; growing good succulents; successful stem propagation; successful leaf propagation; DIY succulent garden; succulents for beginners; easy to learn gardening tips. Winter Garden Video: https://www.youtube.com/edit?ar=2&o=U&video_id=y21zcMFG5B8 Global Awakening Book: Global Awakening Youtube Channel: Updates on my new book and other releases can be found here! Connect with me! FBook:  Kendra Hiett Lock FBook Biz:  Urban Color Web / Etsy: www.urbancolor.com Email: [email protected] Kendra Lock
How to Propagate Succulents from Stems - 4 Easy Steps to Follow - Huge Succulent Haul - Grow Babies
Follow these 4 easy steps to grow more succulent babies with Stem Propogation
Succulent Farm in the city, Craigslist patio, learning how to garden
I'm a farmer now. Bought these cute little succulents on Craigslist. And the patio is free from Craigslist free pavers free sand and as soon as I'm finished with the patio I'll post another video. Thanks for watching.
Kendra Lock Art & Home Intro - Home Decor, Art Tutorials, Lifestyle Vlog, Community Interest, Poker!
I love life! Love the ups - love the downs - love it all. Join me on my journey as I attempt to pull together my own talk show! Plan to do a lot of interesting videos - art and design of course, but interviews, political commentary, funny bits, dancing and poker strategy too! Enjoy and don't forget to subscribe. I'm loading new content every single day! Quality content - now that's the question. Sign up and you be the judge!
How to win free money!  $100 CASH CARD REVEAL - CONGRATULATIONS RSO - Succulent update
Load video - meet cool people - reward cool people who religiously watch every single one of your silly videos! Congratulations Ruthie's Succulent Obsession for winning the 100 Cash Card Giveaway. You Rock! Thank you Beautiful People for watching, subscribing and commenting on my videos. I love growing this channel. I love pretending like I have my own talk show! Succulent update too!
Amazing LAST MINUTE VALENTINE DIY CRAFT tutorials new for 2019 can be found here https://youtu.be/JR8U9lSxFck NEW! 2019 VALENTINE PARTY DECOR / 200 VALENTINES DAY STYLE But first - Get inspired with over 200 Valentine Party Decor Style tips and ideas. Whether your style be fancy, handmade, romantic, or modern this is the must watch Valentine Lookbook video of the year. Chalk full of decoration ideas, theme party tips and tricks, and warm fuzzy pics that will take you back to your favorite all time Valentine memories. ...................... I plan to upload my own DIY Valentine decor videos showing you how easy you can decorate on a budget for this amazing holiday. What I love doing when it comes to decor - first off - use whatever you already have on hand. Example: have any sticks laying around - have any string - have red white and pink paint and paper? Make simple bullseye mini ornaments with sticks and string. Make paper hearts out of construction paper or news print paper - glue or sew on string to make a banner! See - so easy. Go for it - just use anything and everything around the house to pull together a unique and memorable Valentine decor aesthetic. Subscribe so you don't miss my upcoming Valentine Decor Videos. ..................... Valentine's Day is my all time favorite holiday because Love is everything. This is what truly makes the world go round. Some of my favorite Valentines Day memories seem to focus on my numerous girlhood crushes that I had on all the cute boys in grade school. I could not wait till Valentines Day so that I could finally make a cute valentine note that proclaimed my love. And I especially loved making super cute and unique Valentine boxes each year. What's your favorite Valentine Party memory? Leave your answers in comments below. Like share and subscribe as I am always giving out great giveaways. Plus you don't want to miss my own take on Valentine Decor ideas. THANKS FOR WATCHING. ........................... Connect with me! FBook:  Kendra Hiett Lock FBook Biz:  Urban Color Web / Etsy: www.urbancolor.com Email: [email protected]
Love to decorate for Valentines Day but tired of spending tons of money? This video is for you. Create beautiful decor for an amazing Valentine theme party for free. Yes - Decorate for Valentines Day for FREE! DIY Valentine Crafts and Party Decor - easy and fun projects using things from around your house. Skip the dollar store crafts - use what you already have. Plus your efforts will help save our environment! DIY VALENTINE CRAFTS | AMAZING THEME PARTY DECOR FOR FREE | THRIFT FLIP ............ Be creative and think outside the box. For example - I love bowling pins and you can get them free from any bowling lane. I primed them with white paint and then decorated them. I think they're the star of the whole show! Love to hear how you have repurposed items from around your house. Leave a note in comments. Appreciate you subscribing, liking and sharing. Thank you. ............. White paint that I used is amazing. It is thick and covers everything - a perfect primer. The paint is Valspar Furniture Paint in white. Markers that I used for the pretty floral print bowling pin - Tombow and Kuretake Zig waterbase markers. The color does not rub off but you could spray with a acrylic sealer to be safe. ........... BONUS FOOTAGE courtesy of newcaster TJ Holmes - the weather story of the century! A pretty funny part of the video. At least I was cracking up over it! At the end after Gigi shows off her Valentine Party Dress! ........... Connect with me! FBook:  Kendra Hiett Lock FBook Biz:  Urban Color Web / Etsy: www.urbancolor.com Email: [email protected] ................ Happy Valenties month!
Boho Chic Room Reveal - Bohemian Inspired Room Decor, simple and elegant cottage decor
Lot's of fun getting the downstairs In-Law unit decorated. We'll be ready to AirBnB it soon - wanna come stay? Contact me to secure your dates now! This garden apartment comes with the most beautiful San Francisco Bay View ever, a living room, two bedrooms, and kitchenette. This location is private, serene and comfortable. Thanks for watching the video.
Abstract Art Painting Tutorial / Fresh New Art / Paint with me
Abstract art has one rule: There Are No Rules - and that's the rule! Join me as a paint a pretty abstract in about 20 minutes. After not painting for several years I decided to make it a paint day. This is my 3rd painting of the day and so far my favorite. Love it if you watch and comment. Also love it if you like, share and subscribe. I put up new content almost every single day! Enjoy your journey!
Valentine DIY Crafts - no sew table runner perfect for a sweet tablescape just in time for the best holiday ever! ........... The Reveal Valentine DIY Tablescape video https://youtu.be/JR8U9lSxFck The Cute Valentine Bowling Pin Art video ........... Connect with me! FBook:  Kendra Hiett Lock FBook Biz:  Urban Color Web / Etsy: www.urbancolor.com Email: [email protected]
Arches Coldpress Watercolor Paper Block Review | Free Giveaway (Closed)
OFFICIAL GIVEAWAY RULES are below ! If you love to paint watercolors then this giveaway is for you. The ease and convenience of this product is amazing. Never tape your paper down again! Seriously. TO QUALIFY FOR THIS GIVEAWAY YOU MUST -subscribe to my channel, like, share and comment on the video. IMPORTANT - if your subscriptions are privatized you must leave a comment below the video reminding me that you subbed so that I can include you in this awesome giveaway. Once I hit 60 subs I will video a live drawing! ....................... ARCHES WATERCOLOUR BLOCK Details - 20 Sheets Cold Pressed - 140 lb - 100% Cotton 9 x12 inch sheets Block pad - no taping neccessary Perfect for traveling & outdoor painting Made in France and I love it! .............................. Thank you for watching and helping me grow my channel! Connect with me here: FBook: Kendra Hiett Lock FBook Business Page: urban color Web: www.urbancolor.com (pathway to etsy shop) Email: [email protected] ..................................... BINGE WATCH MY ART & DESIGN VIDEOS here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U_Xxz9BPQV4&list=PLxGCiVx-7PLRxnGhFIrpoDnu1laQPnM86 ................................... OFFICIAL CONTEST RULES - Free Giveaway Guidelines for Kendra Lock Art & Home 1.  To QUALIFY FOR THIS GIVEAWAY YOU MUST subscribe to my channel, comment below, like and share this video.  Remember many of your subscriptions are private so by commenting it will remind me to include you in the giveaway. At 60 SUBS I will then upload a live giveaway reveal video showing who won the watercolor pad! At that point I will make contact with that subscriber for mailing instructions. 2.  The Official YouTube Guidelines link is here: https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/1620498?hl=en 3.  YouTube is not connected in any way to this giveaway.  They are not responsible  in any way for the outcome of this giveaway and in no way can be held responsible. 4.  I, Kendra Lock, am solely responsible for  setting giveaway guidelines and rules including the outcome of  this free giveaway. 5.  Official Privacy Notice can be found below.  The collection of your personal information will be used solely for this giveaway. https://policies.google.com/privacy?hl=en  ........................... Good Luck all friends and fellow artists!
Free Craigslist Patio Project Part 1, fast easy patio for the lazy and cheap gardner
Hi Ya'll! Stop spending a ton of money on tools you rarely use. I marked out our backyard patio with stuff I had around the house. Join me on my journey to creating a backyard paradise from scratch. First step - inexpensive brick patio.
DIY Patio, Free Craigslist Patio, one day patio, Bay Area Living (Part 3)
We trolled Craigslist for free sand and pavers to put in our DIY patio. It's not perfect but it works for us. Thanks for watching - had a great time on this project. Tune in again soon to see my old dresser turned garden potting table.
Vintage Sewing Pattern Montage / Sewing Pattern Lookbook / Celebrating the style of a time gone by
Vintage Sewing Pattern Montage / Sewing Pattern Lookbook Sewing Pattern Art from yesteryear. Celebrating the style, the colors, the women, the artists of a time gone by. .............. Are you old enough to remember spending time with your Mommy, Auntie or Gram at the fabric store pouring through all the sewing pattern books? There was a time - before photography was used for cover art that illustrators would render the images and cover art. The colors, patterns and talent have always amazed me. ................. Did you ever where a handmade outfit from these old sewing patterns? Have a special memory that you would like to share? Leave a comment. ...................
Succulent Tool Kit Giveaway Reveal / Contest now closed / Succulent Collection Update
The 15 Piece Toolkit was won by Vicki B. Congrats to you. Found out that she has a bunch of lovely succulents that so she certainly can utilize the set of tools. Met Vicki this holiday season when she and her daughter were doing a fundraiser. See the link below for the Super Cute Ugly Sweater video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F1QJgpYxgms You do great work over there at Quality Conections. ................ Please like, subscribe and share. .............................. Contact me here - FBook:  Kendra Hiett Lock FBook Biz:  Urban Color Web: www.urbancolor.com Email: [email protected]
Lori Frugoli, Marin County District Attorney - Election Day 2018
It's official - She WON!!! Team Frugoli had to wait a full 20 days to find out if her early lead would hold and it did. A small tight-knit group of loyal volunteers did whatever was asked to get their candidate into the top spot over at the Marin County DA's office. Truth be told, it was a pretty easy job for all considering that Lori Frugoli has made it her life's work to keep Marin County safe and secure. She began her career as a police officer but chose to go back to night school to earn her law degree. She's spent the past 30 years doing what she does best - taking care of her community. Election night started out strong giving Lori a near 10 point lead. In the days to follow it got messy. But the residents of Marin County spoke up and made it clear - the best candidate won. This is a photo montage of election day 2018. Congratulation Lori Frugoli and Team. .............................................................................................................. If you need a photo montage done for your special event - contact me here: 415.310.0852 [email protected] www.urbancolor.com
How to FIX ANY WATERCOLOR - Tips and Tricks for watercolor painting - Easy technique
Watercolor Painting Tutorial - how to fix any watercolor mistake! Painting watercolors is so relaxing and fun but there seems to come that moment every single time that we think - oopsie - I've gone too far and muddied it up. Fear no more - use ths tutorial to learn how to completely and totally eradicate any mudiness or watercolor painting mistake from your masterpiece. ............... Thanks for watching! Love it if you like subscribe share and comment! Tell me your favorite tips and tricks for saving a watercolor. .............. Find Me! www.urbancolor.com (entry to my etsy shop) FBook - Kendra Hiett Lock [email protected]
Cottage Christmas Decor, holiday entrance ideas, beach cottage decorating, porch decor
Wanted a beachy cottage vibe but didn't want to spend a lot of money. Went around the house and gathered items that had the look and then spritzed them with white and aqua spray paint - a decorator's best friend. The snowman sign I painted and love how it turned out. Show and tell friends. Leave a comment with your holiay decor link. Love to see it! Thanks for watching.
Super fast Cream of Chicken Soup, Nutri bullet recipe, homemade chicken soup in less than a minute!
Are you using your nutribullet or is it just paying rent in your cupboard? Make a yummy cream soup with last night's dinner! And I'm serious. Let me know how you use your bullet down below in comments.
Update an old painting, upcycle to match new room decor
Revamp an old painting, update an old painting to match new bedroom decor, interior design, home decorating
Sedona Holiday in Winter - Flagstaff Snow, Uptown Lights, Bill Robson, Bell Rock, The Desert
Had a lovely holiday with Cynthia in Sedona. Always a great time filled with laughter, silliness and much needed relaxation.
Simple Clipart Tutorial, Prom Dress 1963, Tips and Tricks that anyone can learn
Using my LG 8 Tablet - I create quick cute clipart with a hand drawn effect. You can use any drawing app on your phone or tablet to get this result. Hope you enjoy.
Red Rock Apothecary - Sedona AZ - Top Shop Feature - Beautiful Bath & Body Products
Red Rock Apothecary - Sedona AZ and Riverside CA Features an assortment of luxurious bath and body products including sugar scrubs, bath salts, shower steamers, soaps, candles, bath bombs, candles and handcrafted wall hangings and dream catchers. A well organized and curated boutique that deserves a Top Shop feature! On location in Sedona AZ. Contact info: Red Rock Apothecary Uptown Sedona 276 N. State Route 89A Sedona AZ 86336 www.RedRockApothecary.com ....... ...... ....... ....... Please like, comment, share & subscribe to see more Top Shop Features. If you would like to feature a special shop or have an interesting public interest story please contact me. Kendra Lock 415.310.0852 www.urbancolor.com [email protected] YouTube Channel - Kendra Lock Art & Home
Free Craigslist Patio Project!  Fast, no hassle, patio in a couple of hours, Part 2
in the first video i explaine how i inexpensively mapped out the patio area with household items. this video shows you the free stuff i got on craigslist.org. you have to troll craigslist free section every hour to find the good free stuff. i also like to browse the farm and garden section on CL too to find amazing deals on garden tools, succulents and trees. enjoy! a few quick tips for the lazy gardner on this patio project........ 1. just eye it - if you're not a perfectionist then don't waste time leveling and tamping the soil down 2. begin with one paver - if it's flush to your house or foundation go with that 3. once you have a row of pavers down then spill sand into the crevices and sweep away any extra 4. spray the cement pavers with water, once it dries the pavers are set and will become stable enough to walk on. disclaimer: this quick cheap frugal lazy way of putting in a patio works for me but it may not last for more than a couple of years. but this is quick easy and cheap. all product was found on craigslist - under the free section. thanks for watching! happy gardening.
Best Christmas Lights Bay Area / Over 40 San Francisco homes same neighborhood / A must see!
The Magic of Christmas is amazing. Best lights ever. Bay Area - specifically South San Francisco near Chestnut. Not to be confused with Chestnut in San Franciscco proper. May also be known as Candy Cane Lane. Regardless - amazing, gawdy and over the top. Worth the visit. .................... Contact me if you have a special community interest story for me. Connect with me here... FBook:  Kendra Hiett Lock FBook Biz:  Urban Color Web: www.urbancolor.com Email: [email protected] Don't forget to like share comment and subscribe.
Opera Singer on the Gondola, Vegas at the Venetian - Winter Holiday Vegas - Opera Singer is the best
While visiting Las Vegas had to show Cynthia the Venetian property and the canal way. The Gondola Guy sings amazing opera. A must see and share! Thank you.
Super Cute Ugly Sweaters - Fundraiser hosted by QualityConnections.org at the Flagstaff Mall
Kelly Arnold and Vicki Barber head up Quality Connections - a dynamic and wonderful Flagstaff non-profit dedicated to enriching the lives of those with disabilities. Cynthia Beck and I found them at the Flagstaff Mall last week and we could not pass up the opportunity to buy Ugly Sweaters that staff and clients had made. They're super cute and unique. As this is a holiday fundraiser - don't hesitate to order an Ugly Sweater for yourself and everyone you know. This is such a worthwhile organization so please spread the word! Contact Information can be found here: www.QualityConnections.org Tel: 928.773.8787 Cell: 928.853.4966 Cell: 928.814.8806 ......... ............ ........... .............. If you have a public interest story or good news to share - please contact me here: Kendra Lock [email protected] 415.310.0852 www.urbancolor.com
NEW! 2019 DOODLE WITH ME / MAKING STICKERS & CLIPART / ART JOURNAL / WRECK THIS JOURNAL My first time doodling live or at least on film. Check out my process on how to digitize hand drawings - turn them into stickers and clipart. I sketch out some graphics for the New Year and Valentine theme doodles. ................ First time so I was a little rusty. But I promise to get better. Please like subscribe comment and share. ............... Connect with me here... FBook:  Kendra Hiett Lock FBook Biz:  Urban Color Web / Etsy: www.urbancolor.com Email: [email protected] ..........
Best Tasting Pumpkin Seed Recipe - FAST - 10 minute recipe in the microwave! Yummy and crisp
Yes! In the microwave....and they're tasty. 1. Boil for 5 minutes 2. Pat dry on a clean dish towel 3, Place in a bowl 4. Drizzle with olive oil, salt, garlic seasoning and pepper 5. Spread out onto a large microwaveable dish 6. Cook for 2 minutes, take out stir, cook an additional 1 minute 7. Coat with parmesan cheese and then microwave additional 30 seconds Super tasty! Crisp and great tasting in or out of the shell. Thanks for watching. Love your comments and ideas. Kendra Hiett Lock www.urbancolor.com
Best Advice for Finding Love and Romance / Find and Keep Love / Fiind the love you deserve
There are 4 simple steps to finding true love. If you skip a step you'll have to start over! If you're truly ready for real love - watch this video til the end. Like, Love, Comment and Subscribe. Thank you.
Free cool stuff - always rewarding my loyal subscribers. If you have not subscribed please do so now so that you don't miss out on my incredible content, well...and cool free stuff! To find out who won you have to watch the video! I need the watch time - LOL. That winner has one week to contact me via mailing instructions! Creator Shoutout goes to Amanda L. If you would like a custom made hat by Amanda please leave your message to me in comments or reach out to me via social below. Please like and subscribe so I can build my channel so that I can continue to provide amazing, unique and stellar content. I mean really! ............. Connect with me here... FBook:  Kendra Hiett Lock FBook Biz:  Urban Color Web / Etsy: www.urbancolor.com Email: [email protected]
Valentine Doodle With Me! Easy to learn shapes and graphics. How to draw tutorial featuring lovely valentine heart images. Come along and doodle with me! Companion Video - Color this page with me! https://youtu.be/r-5LDs2B3Ik If you love art & home please subscribe. I load new content almost every day! Connect with me! FBook:  Kendra Hiett Lock FBook Biz:  Urban Color Web / Etsy: www.urbancolor.com Email: [email protected]
Celebrate the New Year in style - NEW! 2019 NEW YEAR'S EVE PARTY DECORATING IDEAS / FANCY HOLIDAY DECOR TIPS ................ 2019 Bring it on! The countdown begins. .............. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL ............. like subscribe comment and share ............ Connect with me here... FBook:  Kendra Hiett Lock FBook Biz:  Urban Color Web / Etsy: www.urbancolor.com Email: [email protected]
Doodle with me and learn my entire process on sketching and coloring a full sheet of winter time images for clipart and stickers. New for 2019 - start the year fresh with fun new images. Perfect how to on making cute illustrations for your journal and planners. ................ What's your favorite winter time hobby? What clipart doodles would you like to see next? Leave a comment and let me know. .......... Share Like Subscribe! ........ Connect with me here... FBook:  Kendra Hiett Lock FBook Biz:  Urban Color Web / Etsy: www.urbancolor.com Email: [email protected]
Las Vegas Photo Montage with Cynthia Beck, New York, Encore, Wynn, Paris, The Venetian, The Strip
Wonderful early Holiday Vacation with girlfriend Cynthia Beck. Tour of The Wynn, Encore and other hotel properties. We had so much fun. Vegas you did it up and did right. Who couldn't have fun here?!
DIY Gingerbread House Ideas / Holiday Decorating Ideas / Christmas Candy Crafts / Candy Decorations
DIY Gingerbread House Ideas / Holiday Decorating Ideas / Christmas Candy Crafts / Candy Decorations

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