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Zutara-I make good girls go bad
EDIT: Wow...i never expected this video to be so popular, cuz its only pics lol but thank you guys for all the support and the wonderful comments! And check out my other videos cuz i wanna know if u guys like my vids with clips in it ^^ I love this song so I had to make a zutara video for it! lol Hope you like it ^^ Song: Good Girls Go Bad By:Cobra Starship feat Leighton Meester Thanks to all the deviantart artists who own these pictures!
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Taang-You belong with me
This video is dedicated to Kmav! Taang isnt my fav pairing but if it you have Taang that means Zutara! lol I hope you like it Kmav! Ya....I know its a mess of effects but I couldnt decide on what style I wanted to use so I used a lot of them lol Song: You Belong with me By: Taylor Swift Thanks to all the amazing artists at deviantart and to avatarspirit.com for the screenshots!
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My 2nd video! Whoo hoo! Song: Fairytale By: Saturday Night At the Apollo Ok so youtube KILLED my quality! go here if you want to see it in better quality http://www.onetruemedia.com/otm_site/view_shared?p=893e3f61a837a4bbc9ef6e And thanks to all the deviantart artists who made these pics. I in no way own them or the show avatar
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Zutara-Time to Dance
Ok well I fixed up the quality a little, disputed the claims, and here it is! lol Ok well this video has a long story: Zuko and Katara are in love but they don't want anyone to know because of all the complications, so they act like they hate each other when the Gaangs around. Katara gets hurt (bleeding on the ballroom floor) and for fear of losing her ,Zuko wants to tell everyone of their love.The walls line the bullet holes is all the things she is hidding. She says no, that he will just be causing them pain and this isnt the right time (pulling the trigger all wrong).And they get in a fight. Then he agree's but is still afraid of losing her and not getting their love out (shotgun, wedding, shotgun, wedding!).At the same time Katara wants Zukos attention (giveme aaattention). Aang see's this and gets jealous (giveme envy). Zuko wants to know why she does'nt seem as happy when they are around the gaang, (Where is ur posture?) meaning why doesnt she hold her head up high. Zuko and Aang fight for her, so she has to choose. She knows that Zuko is perfect for her (photo opt.). (Hiding in estrogen) means that the guys both are trying to be with Katara. In the end they separate and go with their original partners, for now ;) And a thanks to all the people on deviantart who's pictures i used to make this video! Song: Time To Dance By: Panic! at The Disco
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Zutara- Closer
Well I love this song and this pairing but I guess they fail together, oh well I hope you like it! :) Song:Closer By:Neyo None of these photos, clips, or music are mine (if they were then Zutara would have happened ;)
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Zuko-Who I am Hates Who I've Been
Zuko talks about how he hates who he was but is better now :D And a slight zutara cuz i cant resist lol Song: Who I Am Hates Who I've Been I dont own avatar, this song or anything really. Avatarspirit.net is credited with the screenshots
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Breakeven Anti-Kataang
This is what I have so far but after this part I got stuck. I may finish it if I can get over the next part :D Bashing will not be tolerated! Song: Breakeven by the Script
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Katara's guys-Hey Brittany
EDIT: OMG! They put it back up! YayAYAYAY!! Katara has 4 guys who she has interests in Jet, Haru, Aang, and Zuko. She goes from one to the next, not being able to choose which one she loves. And she tries dating all of them but they find out about each other and make her choose at the end. It doesnt show who she chooses but you know its Zuko :D The view point is mainly Zuko's but it changes and Katara sings sometimes XP Song: Hey Brittany By: Forever The Sickest Kids
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Zuatar-Closer Preview
I wanted to make an upbeat zutara video so I did! I shall be finishing this video because i want tooo! lol Song:Closer By:Ne-Yo
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Zutara-Sophmore Slump preview
Should i finish it? Im not sure if i like it...but it doesnt have many effects cuz the voice syncing was so perfect i didnt wanna mess it up lol but plz tell me what u think! Thanks to all the deviantart artists who work i used!
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Zutara-Down +Dedicated to Kezzoa+
I actually think this video really sucks and I am getting tired of this song so I will most likely not finish it. But even though it sucks this goes out to my biggest fan...Kezzoa! You have to give this girl some credit, she was able to totally diss my Taang video and my opinion entirely, deny that she ever did it, then turn around and bash Zutara for no apparent reason! So people lets be nice and respect each others ships, opinions, and videos because when you are the jerk who goes around being mean for no reason at all no one will like you. The show, song, and pictures do not belong to me and I take no credit in them.
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A little video about Edward and Bella. This is dedicated to Laura! Happy Birthday!!! Song:Meet Me on the Equinox by Death Cab for Cutie I dont own twilight or anything in this video (if i did then I wont have cast Robert Pattenson XD) Pictures from Deviantart.com
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Elfen Lied-Heartbreaker
I needed to step away from Avatar vids so this is the product. I really like it, not too many effects because I thought they were unneeded. Story: Nyuu/Lucy loves Kouta when they were young. He ran away with this cousin (kinda gross) and left Nyuu for good. They reunited years later but Nyuu finds out that he is still with the other girl. She doesnt want to go through the heartbreak antmore and she is gonna kill herself if Kouta doesnt pick her. Song:Heartbreaker By: P!nk
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Zutara-Sophmore Slump
I think this turned out ok. Well tell me what u think, comment and rate. Thanks ^^ A special thanks to all the deviantart artists who art I have used!
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