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Dean Makes Good Girls Go Bad
HQ... learn it, use it. love it :D What? Is that a new video? Why, yes! For your viewing pleasure, now that I'm back from all my travel :) This video is self-explanatory. Dean is hunky. And he makes all the ladies drool. Now, I know that not all the ladies in this video are necessarily "good girls" but... well... meh. "Good Girls Go Bad" by Cobra Starship ft. Leighton Meester None of the material belongs to me. It is simply edited by me for our entertainment. Enjoy :) **3rd Place in Faffa93's huge Supernatural Contest** **2nd place Character Vid in HeroPetrelli's "GREATESTMultifandomCONTESTEver!"**
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Jayne & River.... Afraid
HQ button, it's there just waiting for you to click it :) This is my very first Firefly video I'm quite excited about it :D If you think you can, you're welcome to try to follow the storyline without reading my explanation haha :P Story: River, using her keen psychic/reader abilities, announces to Jayne about then being together sometime in the future. He laughs. He doesn't believe her. For the first part of the video, he continues not to believe her. She gets a vision/dream of Jayne shooting some guy and realizes she needs to show him how much they have in common. So River takes up arms in order to cover his back- but he doesn't see her shoot anyone and again doesn't believe her. She tries to challenge him to fight, trying to prove that she and him are more alike than he wants to admit, but the crew gets in the way when she cuts him (which is her challenge). She apologizes to him for the wound, telling him that she will prove it to him some other way... which is where her beautiful fight scenes come in. Jayne sees her move and decimate, sees her in a new light. When she falls, its because she is struck with another vision/dream of everything falling into place... she has changed Jayne's mind. Sorry for the long summary, please enjoy this vid :) Song: "Afraid" by Sarah Fimm PS: Joss Whedon is my hero :) No copyright infringement intended.
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A Stronger Crossover
My first attempt at a crossover vid, starring Jensen Ackles and Megan Fox. Or, if you want, Dean Winchester and Mikaela Banes... Storyline: Two mechanics become friends but are plagued with all that tension. Aka: they wants each other :P There are points of obvious frustration- distracting themselves at work, him driving her home (but not staying for a "nightcap" tee hee hee), etc. Eventually they give in. Then he has a dream about a possible future. Hopefully I'll get better at crossovers with practice. Nothing belongs to me, nada, zip, zilch. PS: Love. This. Cover. Pps: Dedicated to JD :P
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Trory- 9 Crimes
Watch in HQ, please! :D I used to watch Gilmore Girls and as the seasons wore on I realized something. Logan was Tristan, version 2.0 However, you cannot beat an original so I envisioned the ultimate series finale having Tristan come back for Rory, and Rory realizing that Logan was simply her Tristan Filler. So this vid is Tristan and Rory looking back on their time together, realizing that their current dates are basically clones. It ends with a hopeful phone call, to get back in touch. I don't own anything. Please Enjoy. Comments are appreciated :D
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Max In The Rain
Watch it HQ please :D This video sort of came together of its own accord. But I had no idea what I wanted to do next so here it is... enjoy. No Copyright Infringement Intended. Just pure fun.
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Everybody Loves Topher Brink
Should be self explanatory!!! Just a short video to show some Topher love :) I wanted it to be upbeat so I avoided putting in how much of a hero Topher turned out to be. I will admit though that I was crying during the series fiinale. No copyright infringement intended.
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Leyton- Title and Registration
HQ available :) Alternate Universe video to "Title and Registration" by Death Cab for Cutie. Basically, Lucas and Peyton used to be lovers and can't get it off of their minds. Dramatic subtitles included. Please comment, this is my first "AU" piece...
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Trory- Use Somebody
My first accomplishment with Final Cut. Okay, so it doesn't have any of the flair I was developing in my old videos, just simple edits. But this is great practice for me! Plus I still have all my hair from the frustrating battle with this new program :) Just a short, simple video for my favorite (non)ship on Gilmore Girls. Please enjoy. ps: i'll figure out how to make the videos not small for next time, haha
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An Effigy of Whiskey
Whiskey's vidlet No Copyright Infringement intended.
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Sam & Ruby- Bad Romance
Well as we know now, their romance was terrible. I never make Sam videos so here's me giving it a shot. Its just something I threw together since I've been out of practice while at school. Please enjoy :) No copyright infringement intended. All media belongs to its respective owners. Song: "Bad Romance" covered by 30 Seconds to Mars... Oh Jared Leto, what your voice does to me :P
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"Painted on my Heart" Crossover
I tried again. Didnt toy with manips too much this time around. The point was they were thinking of each other. Dean Winchester/Mikaela Banes or just J. Ackles/M. Fox The beginning is him getting uncomfortable with the idea of commitment and bailing. - taking off while she's asleep, the clever minx -.- The next part (up until Dean's phonecall) is from his POV. Then it switches to her POV before it comes back together with her getting his voicemail (when she lowers the phone). She goes to meet with him and he apologizes. Happily. Ever. After.
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Daenerys' Devils
I'm currently obsessed and cannot get enough of the book and the show. So I threw together a fanvid. I picked seven of Daenerys's Devils, the people who want to harm her most or have tried. No Copyright Infringement Intended. Just for fun.
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Crazy Beautiful How I Met Your Mother Life
Originally I was making this for a contest but I missed the deadline. I never win anyways. I love this show though, so I went through with finishing it. My first ever How I Met Your Mother video :) Enjoy! No Copyright Infringement Intended.
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Adelle- the King of the World
Just highlighting some scenes about the Head Bitch in Charge of the Dollhouse.
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Alice's Song
Please watch, rate and comment :) This is an alternate take on the relationship between Alice and Hatter... I just really wanted to use this song... I hope it doesn't disappoint too many people.
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I Want to Save Leyton
This is my first one tree hill video. Watch in HQ please! Feedback is appreciated. :D Music: "I Want to Save You" by Something Corporate Disclaimer: I do not own any of this material, I only manipulated it for my own, and hopefully your, entertainment. *So it was down for a while, due to youtube's copyright war, and yet I have saved it (fitting isn't it?). So it's back, please watch it while you can :D to save your own videos, check this out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BPZ0sxrBkek *
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Dean Stabs Zachariah
Did anyone else geek out when they realized Dean kept his word? ... no? Just me? I don't even think Dean acknowledges the fact that he warned the dick after Zachariah is gone... No copyright infringement intended. Supernatural 4.17 & Supernatural 5.18
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Supernatural: Dean's Not Okay
Dean is sometimes not okay. This video is for all the times Dean gets tooled on by the demons, by Sam, etc. And for all the times he gets angry or depressed. Like I said, sometimes he's not okay.
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The Super Circus
Watch in HIGH QUALITY, please :D Please comment and rate, I really want to know what you think :D Odd song to put the show to, but ... two types of guys? It works... at least I think so. You can judge for yourself. Please comment and rate, I really want to know what you think :D Enjoy! Thanks for watching :) Disclaimer- I don't own anything. Not the show, not the song. I simply edit. 1,000 views as of 4/12- I'm excited! Thanks for all the love guys :D
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When Your Mind's Made Up Leyton
Now in HQ YAAAAAY! :) Peyton had finally made up her mind after all the back and forth but then she was stuck waiting for Lucas to cop on... Loved the song and really wanted to use it... Let me know what you think :) Comment and rate like it's your job, please :D And thanks for watching! Disclaimer: I own nothing. Not the clips, not the show, not the music... nothing, understand?
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Bennett/Echo- Haven't Thought of You Lately
They used to be friends.... No Copyright Infringement Intended. Just for Funzies.
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88 Lines About 44 Women
I can't believe I found enough pictures for this. Old 80s song is by the Nails. Look you either love it or you hate it... doesn't mean you need to leave angry comments about it. I don't really care about "Fronic's" video btw, so stop talking about it here. I mean I'm sure Fronic did a fine enough job, but go talk about his video on his page. Thanks. **all right, that's it. no more comments allowed. i'm sick of the flamers. really? its just a fucking slideshow- and if you don't like it, don't watch. its really very simple of a concept. maybe i'll just take the video down. **
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Leyton- Make You Smile
Hope you Enjoy... please comment, oh tay thanks :D
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Lord, Please Forgive Dean
HQ HQ HQ HQ HQ ...por favor :D Pretty self explanatory. Tried to match the video to the lyrics mostly... while also including some fabulous quotes (props to the writers of this beloved show!). Disclaimer: I do not own the music. I do not own the show, or the clips from the show. I do not own anything. I did this for my amusement and hopefully the amusement of my peers... No copyright infringement intended. **2nd Place Win in HeroPetrelli's Multi-Fandom contest :D** **2nd Place Character Vid in Linkin1824's EPIC Multifandom Contest**
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Supernatural- Running Up That Hill
Finally brought to you in HQ :D Dean loses Sam and all he can do is think about getting him back. Even though Sam can be a royal pain in the ass sometimes, he'll protect him... at whatever cost. ps: some spoilers included. Enjoy, kthnx :D
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Hatter's Favorite Game
MY VERY FIRST HATTER VIDEO!!! Well its Hatter/Alice. ...Halice? ...Hattice? Tagline: Hatter refuses to lose this time. I wanted to use a song that hadn't been used before... and I hadn't seen any Hatter vids with this one so ... tah dah sort of random song choice :) Please rate and comment :)
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When Every Moment Counts-Dean/Allie
This video is long overdue and I apologize to radicalxxrachel. However, i have to admit that waiting as long as I did to finish it allowed me to accumulate some great clips to use- such as from Jennifer's Body and the new "I Love the Way you Lie" music video. It also let me learn new tricks in final cut. I took a bit of artistic license with the ending... FORGIVE ME RACHEL :( This vid is a crossover for Rachel's story, found here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MeV0mqPLnPQ The song chosen is one of the female character's favorites (I'd never heard it before): "You are the Moon" by The Hush Sound No Copyright Infringement Intended. AU.
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Let Dean Super Rock
Watch in High Quality, please!!!! Please Comment and Rate, and Thanks for Watching ! :D This is yet ANOTHER Dean fanvid to a song I could not get out of my head. I tried some new things with it, trying to learn tricks of Sony Vegas. Sony Vegas gave me quite a hard time though, so it was a fight to the finish. :P Disclaimer: I don't own any of the media, I simply manipulated the clips and the song for my, and hopefully your, entertainment. The show belongs to the CW, Eric Kripke and his talented crew. The song belongs to Kevin Rudolf in cahoots with Lil Wayne. **4TH PLACE in "Supernatural Video Contest!"** **Winner of the "Character Vid" category in LilyRoseSparrow's Supernatural contest**
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Supernatural- Get Out Alive
My First Video! Highlights of Dean (aka: the better brother)to the song "Get Out Alive" by Three Days Grace. Feedback is highly appreciated :)
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Supernatural- The Fatal Wound
Warning- Finale Spoilers!!!! Okay, so I have a sort of obsession with this show- or more rather Jensen Ackles. I wanted to use a more obscure song and this is the product. Song is by Switchfoot (when I think Supernatural, I don't really think Switchfoot). I like my other one better, but let me know what you think.
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Our Lost Time
HQ recommended :) made as a video for a specific storyline. so they were great friends way back, but even they fought sometimes. so one time when these friends fought, he kissed her and then immediately apologized and they went their seperate ways to live life. now they are meeting up again and finally getting what they both wanted (only they were too afraid to admit): to be together. song: "Lost Inside Your Eyes"- Eric Nicholas NOTHING BELONGS TO ME. WB/CW ALL THE WAY.
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Supernatural Opening - Fanmade Credits
My entry for the WincheSTAR contest; Round 1. Seems like a fun little thing to do, and it's giving me practice with Final Cut... which I desperately need :) Song: "I'd Love to Change the World" by Ten Years After All clips belong to the CW and Eric Kripke. No copyright infringement intended.
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Every Time You Go
WATCH IN HD- THE 720p SETTING :D I tried a new pairing in crossover. CROSSOVERS ARE HARD. I'm just trying to get the hang of them ... So story: Girl meets boy in bar. They like each other. They start dating but LITTLE DOES BOY KNOW, girl is secret agent spy time assassin killer... person. He's fairly boring with his books and slow job... then- Dun Dun Dun, girl has to tell him and awwww, boy doesn't care cause they are in love! song: "Every Time You Go" by Ellie Goulding All clips belong to their respective owners.
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Say All November Needs
Vidlet about November the doll. Realized after I posted that i forgot to do her name at the end, like i did Topher's. My apologies. No Copyright Infringement Intended.
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Say Goodbye Supernatural World
Watch in HQ, it might make all the difference :) The lyrics of this song: "say goodbye to the world you thought you lived in," reminded me of all the victims on supernatural. There are just so many innocent characters that have their eyes opened to the seedy underbelly of the dark shadows in this world, thanks to Dean and Sam Winchester. So I have showcased a few... And of course, the Winchesters are three of the biggest victims. Song: "Any Other World" by Mika Please rate and comment. No copyright infringement intended.
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Supernatural- Destroy Everything You Touch
Sam and Dean Winchester destroy a lot of things. 78% of the time, it's each other. This video is affectionately nicknamed "Brotherly Love." :P Song: Destroy Everything You Touch by Ladytron
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Sixteen Going on Seventeen
HQ! it's there, you should try it :) kthnx. I like this cover. I like Gilmore girls... and she was sixteen when she knew Tristin so it worked. I realized I spelled his name my way in the title... oh well please forgive me. No Copyright Infringement Intended. At all. Gilmore Girls belongs to the WB, and the song belongs... well technically to Rogers and Hammerstein. i just noticed that this video- after youtube took down some of my others- made number 17 of my uploads. freeeeeeeeeakkkkyyyyyyyy... okay enjoy :D
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Pretty Little Liars- One Sentence
I'm not sure I'm happy with this myself but that may just be from the grief Final Cut was giving me... Allison: "Friends share secrets, that's what keeps us close." Music: First 20 seconds of "Once Upon A December" from the animated film Anastasia. No copyright infringement intended.
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Did River Forget to Take Her Meds
A River Tam appreciation video :) She has a mission. A "pea" of information in her head. Everyone else thinks she's crazy but really, she just knows a truth that no one else does. No Copyright Infringement Intended! Joss Whedon is my hero and he owns. He owns Firefly/Serenity and he owns at Life. Please Comment!!!! :)
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PhotoJournalism Project
This is a project I did for a class... thought I'd share. I took the photos and the sound is Nikki. Whoot.
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Alice- One Sentence Contest
Hatter: "Does this look like a kid's story to you?" Music: the intro from "Hurricane" by 30 Seconds to Mars No Copyright Infringement Intended.
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Night Drive- Supernatural
Night Drive, Supernatural Style 97% sure i didn't repeat any of those little clips. Tried my best. Probably needs more Impala haha. Made with WMM. Maybe I'll touch it up soon... i'm considering it.
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Wildfire Sale: Ruby Must Go
Now showing in HQ... once you click the button :D This is technically a requested video that I pieced together in an amazingly short amount of time. Its all about "Killing Wildfire" or in other words getting rid of that New Ruby on Supernatural. She's terrible. Hate her. I thought it would be best if my favorite brother of the show did the dirty work. Dean wants to anyways and most of us are right behind him with the support. :P No Copyright Infringement Intended. The song "Aenima" belongs to Tool. All the clips belong to the CW, Eric Kripke and his beautiful creative team. *Special mention in Hero Petrelli's Multi-Fandom Contest :)*
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Multiverse Fashion
I originally was just going to use Dollhouse. Then One Tree Hill. Now its a little bit of everything. Video done for shits and giggles. No Copyright Infringement Intended. I don't own anything. Blah blah blah.
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Peyton's Revolution
Make it a HQ Revolution :P So I made this video a while ago, first with Windows Movie Maker... then I finished it up with Sony Vegas... it was a process. Please give feedback- rate and comment- as it is MUCH appreciated... No Copyright intended, this is simply for entertainment and editing practice. ** First Place winner in OTHAMAZING's Hilarie Burton/Peyton Sawyer Contest **
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