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Louis CK:  BAG OF DICKS in elevator
From Louie season 2, episode 8 ('Come On God'). Louie is confronted by a girl who wants him to shove a whole bag of dicks in her... Louie: "What seems to be the problem?" Girl: "It's just that there are like ZERO dicks in there." Louie: "Zero dicks?" Girl: "Yeah there are like no dicks in there....it's so annoying. Can you like help me out?"
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Odessa: Cool for Cats *Performed by Boney M*
Odessa The Cat in "Cool For Cats". Song: "River Of Babylon" by Boner M. Odessa is a companion animal (or "companimal") who brings joy to her companion human with her girlish glee and quick wit. She enjoys lounging, sleeping, lazy afternoons and wet food. She also likes to climb, oftentimes to the dismay of her human who must rescue her from various precarious situations she climbs her way into. She is currently pursuing a masters degree at the University of Seattle in the field of electrical engineering. Odessa is definitely "Cool For Cats". (But because some greedy fat cats in suits won't allow the song "Cool For Cats" by Squeeze to be used in a cute kitty kat slideshow, Odessa is now forced to drown in the "River Of Babylon" doing the hokey pokey with Boney M - hey, they might be cat people - who knows, but this ain't the frickin' Jungle Book and Odessa ain't even allowed outside (well, except to and from class). Surely if she ever saw the real River of Babylon or Boney M for that matter she would run and hide. Odessa is not happy with this turn of events, but will make do as best she can. This was better than the song they offered by a band called the Gay Penises, I suppose. Meeee-yow, audioswap!)
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Flower Photo Mosaic (with Motion) (Chip Ruuska Photography)
All images by Chip Ruuska Photography Song: "Crystal Blue Persuasion" by Concrete Blonde Flower Photo Mosaic with Motion All images copyright 2010 Chip Ruuska Photography
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Suzanne Vega - Anniversary (Chip Ruuska Photography)
Flower portraits by Chip Ruuska Photography Song: "Anniversary" performed by Suzanne Vega from her 2007 album "Beauty & Crime" (Blue Note Records) All images copyright 2010 Chip Ruuska Photography
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Paxton is a Skinny Little Bitch
Paxton is a six-month old chihuahau. Song: "Skinny Little Bitch" by Hole, from the forthcoming album "Nobody's Daughter". http://www.holerock.net/ http://www.facebook.com/hole http://twitter.com/holerock http://www.myspace.com/hole http://www.youtube.com/user/NobodysDaughterTV Paxton doesn't care what any of you haters say - she loves the album 'America's Sweetheart and cant wait for "Nobody's Daughter"...
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Sailing with Chip
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