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History of Plastic Surgery
Mark Domanski, MD, from Bluemont Plastic Surgery, discusses plastic surgery from ancient Egypt through modern advancements.
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Breakfast day after hernia surgery!
Dr. Mark Domanski eating breakfast post operative day # 1 after his inguinal hernia surgery. No narcotics nor tylenol needed! Evidence of the benefits of a fruit based diet and endurance training.
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Prominent Male Nipples treated with Dysport!
Plastic Surgeon, Mark Domanski, MD, use Dysport, a product similar to botox, to help men with prominent nipples. With men wearing tight shirts, nipples can show, especially in the cold. This treatment may also benefit runners who want to avoid bloody nipples during a marathon. This is different for gynecomastia, a condition of abnormal male breast tissue growth. For more information, ask your doctor!
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Fixing Bad Botox
Mark Domanski, MD, plastic surgeon shows how to fix bad botox, on himself! #InTheNameOfScience And my sincerest apologies to the Housewives of New Jersey and Beverly Hills, you ladies look awesome! Royalty Free Music from Bensound
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Surgeon undergoes hernia surgery!
Driving to the hospital before my inguinal hernia surgery. See the rest of my Youtube Channel for recovery posts!
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Inguinal hernia - in the recovery room!
Immediately post-op in the recovery room! They made me a cute bandage! See the rest of my Youtube Channel for recovery posts!
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Surgery Drain Removal
Plastic Surgeon Dr. Mark Domanski shows the process of removing a surgical drain. (I don't want to see anybody doing this themselves, this is for educational purposes only!)
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Ultramarathon, mile 35, eating tomatoes and salt
Caloric intake, hydration, and electrolyte balance is important to a successful race! by Mark Domanski
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Leaving Hospital After Inguinal Hernia Surgery
Thanks to everybody at Fairfax Inova Hospital for taking such great care of me! See the rest of my Youtube Channel for recovery posts!
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Start Wave 2, Gore-Tex 50 Mile Washington, D.C., 2013
5:01 am, June 1st, 2013
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Pre-race, challenges and strategy, by Mark Domanski
June 1, 2013, Gore-Tex North Face 50 Mile Endurance Challenge Ultramarathon, Washington, D.C.
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Spiderman and Superman rescue 300 people from a psychology lecture at the University of Virginia.
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Inguinal Hernia - Postoperative day 1
Doing ok, little sore. Hurt really bad to laugh however.... See the rest of my Youtube Channel for recovery posts!
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Showering after Surgery
People are told "not to get their incision wet." This may not be true in all circumstances. For specific advice, ask your doctor. Here are my general thoughts.
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Awake Hand Surgery
Dr. Mark Domanski, performs finger cyst removal under local anesthetic with the patient totally awake. Local anesthesia allows some reconstructive and cosmetic procedures to be performed safely in the office.
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Domanski does Dysport!
Mark Domanski, MD, plastic surgeon, is a big fan of dysport.
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Before the last 15 miles of a 50 mile ultramarathon
90+ degree heat. Great Falls aid station, June 1st, 2013, Gore-Tex, North Face, 50 mile Endurance Challenge
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Dysport Unboxing at Bluemont Plastic Surgery by Mark Domanski, MD
Excited to get a new shipment of wrinkle treatment Dysport! Can anybody design a way to do it with LESS packaging? It has to be kept frozen. (I suspect many medications will have this same issue)
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Tendon Laceration
Repairing delicate structures is part of plastic surgery. Understand tendon repair surgery better with this video. Warning: graphic medical content.
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Ultramarathon Start, 5 am
Surreal!!! 400+ people starting the North Face Challenge, 50 mile ultramarathon at 5am at Algonquin Park. by Monika Zakrzewska
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Fireflies in the park
400+ people start the Washington, D.C., Gore-Tex North Face Endurance Challenge 50 mile ultramarathon, at 5am on June 1, 2013
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Tourist Trails in Poland.  Szlak turystyczny.
All over Poland there seems to be tourist trails. These seem to be found in national parks and forests, but also in just regular rural areas. They are fantastic for trail running, hiking, or mountain biking. I really think they are Polands best unknown treasure. Wish we had something like this connecting local park paths in the U.S.!
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Local Anesthesia Review
Local anesthesia does not have to be painful! I went to a 2 hour lecture on local anesthetic technique at the last American Society of Plastic Surgery meeting. Special thanks to Dr. Don Lalonde from Canada who was the lecture speaker. Here are the results of what I learned!
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Great experience!
Patient shares her video review of Dr. Domanski. We are always thrilled when patients share their experience!
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Patient Review, Bluemont Plastic Surgery, Mark Domanski, MD
Dr. Domanski is my favorite plastic surgeon. His office is excellent. His staff always makes me feel comfortable. He will always explain my options and answer all of my concerns and questions Dr. Domanski is a person I totally trust.
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Very excited 50 Mile ultramarathon finish.
How excited would you be to finish a 50 mile ultramarathon? by Mark Domanski Event was the June 2012, North Face Endurance Challenge.
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Breast Implant Inspection
Breast Implant Inspection - with a true breast expert.
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Lip Augmentation by Dr. Domanski
Lip augmentation. This is a quick procedure done in the office. Patients can go back to work immediately.
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Plastic Surgery Review
We are always excited when patients are happy. But we are thankful when they want to share their experience.
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